About Us


Christian and third sector organisations play a big role in delivering help to those in need throughout St Helens, but often we find that the information may not be as accessible as it should be to people who need it most, particularly where intervention is needed and referrals are made from bigger organisations such as the NHS, Council or St Helens Contact Cares.

St Helens Church Action Database is a collaborative project between St Helens Church Leaders, St Helens Faith Forum and Prayer for St Helens and represents a wide range of St Helens Churches working at the heart of St Helens communities.

St Helens Church Action Database is available directly to the organisations who need it most as well as to the public, the directory is a comprehensive list of what help is available in the St Helens region, organised by category and location to enable quick access to service, and bringing these community groups together in a way that was previously unavailable.

Our prayer is that this directory links together the organisations working toward common goals, sharing the love of God with those who need it through practical action – from the smallest lunch club to larger charities – we’re in this together!



Love is the driving force behind these organisations that reach out into their communities, bringing hope, faith and love to transform them into places of wholeness.


The faith sector organisations in St Helens are an amazing support network for those in need. We work in synergy with each other to provide advice and support for a range of issues.


The Church Action Database connects the dots for the organisations who work in St Helens, allowing agencies to put people in touch quickly and effectively.


A lot of the organisations listed on this directory will offer opportunities for growth, whether that’s in a skill set, in confidence or even spiritually. Use the directory to contact them directly!