St Paul’s Church Pre-School

St. Paul’s Pre-School was registered over 20 years ago as a Playgroup. The Pre-School is run by a committee and operates from the community rooms at the back of St Paul’s Church, Blackbrook. The Pre-School serves families in the local and wider community. The children have sole use of two large rooms during the hours of operation, the outdoor play space and the associated facilities. A maximum of 41 children aged two years six months to five years may attend the Pre-School at any one time.

There are places available for children of 2, 3 and 4 years old, 9am – 12noon, Monday – Friday

Call 01744 453181 (mornings only) for more information

St Paul’s Pre-School inspected by Ofsted

Summary of the Inspection carried out on 2nd October 2015 is GOOD

Children progress well in their learning because staff make extensive use of opportunities to talk with children, introduce them to appropriate new language, and help them to think.
Staff teach children to become active and to move skilfully and confidently. As a result, children’s physical skills grow rapidly at playgroup.
This is a calm, happy pre-school. Staff support for children is gentle, positive and encouraging. Staff know individual children in detail because they assess children’s abilities regularly and carefully. This information is used well to plan teaching.
Leaders review the work of staff with much care and consideration. They know the strengths of the setting well and understand how to lead more improvement.
Staff and leaders are ambitious to give children a good start to their education. They do not allow their work to be limited by the need to pack away their provision each day.

For the full report click this link Ofsted Report

Phone Number:
01744 453181
Chain Lane, Blackbrook, St Helens, Merseyside
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